Tips for Sellers


Michele’s tips for maximising your sale price

  1. Presentation is critical

Prospective buyers need to imagine ‘living’ in your home. Give them the opportunity to do this by de-cluttering and having your property look its absolute best – inside and out. Make sure you fix up any little niggles that will distract a buyer from falling in love with it.

    1. Be prepared for buyer questions

Prospective buyers have loads of questions, and being prepared for them will certainly help the sales process. Try to provide  a simple answer to some of these commonly asked questions:

  • Why are they selling? (the first and most common question)
  • How long have they been living in the home?
  • When did they originally purchase the property?
  • What home improvements have been undertaken during their period of ownership?
  • Will they continue residing in the local area?
  • How many $$$$ have the current owners spent on home improvements?
  • Make a list of the positive aspects of your home and neighbourhood :EG: Where is the best fish and chip shop, which club has the best raffles? the neighbours names, and any other useful information like  garbage night, or how does the dishwasher and spa work….


BEFORE exchange the purchaser will require: current strata fees with approximate sinking fund amount (if applicable), quarterly land rates, perimeter of the home for insurance purposes, microwave and fridge-space height and width, and the name of your annual pest spray company.

    1. Address any problems

Do you have an awkward driveway? Make sure the agent knows how to confidently park on it and can show prospective buyers. Is there an enormous tree right next to the house? You may not want to get rid of it, but prospective buyers might – get a quote on how much it would cost so that the agent can have this on hand. Is some work on the house incomplete? Ideally, this would be finished before the home goes on sale; however, a quote for completing the work will immediately address any buyer concerns.

    1. Be realistic on price

An unrealistic price will result in your property sitting on the market for too long – running the risk of stagnating in the market and creating a negative perception for potential buyers who will wonder what’s wrong with it. Do some research – how much are comparable properties in your area selling for? And be honest with yourself when comparing your home’s attributes to others.

    1. Prepare for viewings at any time

Sometimes, prospective buyers can’t get to an open home, or they work certain hours that necessitates them requesting a viewing at what may seem like an odd or inconvenient time. Ideally, you need to be prepared to open the house to prospective buyers at relatively short notice.

    1. Get your documentation in order

You don’t want to hold up a sale by not having the appropriate documentation in order – make sure everything is in place before your property goes on the market.

    1. Be prepared to be flexible on settlement times

Sometimes a buyer is restricted on when they can move. If possible, be flexible on the settlement period.

    1. Choose the right agent

There are three questions a seller needs to ask themselves:

1. How well does my agent know the local area and property market?

2. How quickly are they turning over properties?

3. Can I TRUST they will look after MY interests?


This last question is one which many sellers (and buyers) struggle with……

As a multi-award winning real estate agent, I provide a customer-focused service that is designed to attract the perfect buyer for each and every property. I am one of the most respected and successful agents in the Port Stephens peninsula, and well-known for my personalised service which is aimed at delivering the highest possible sale price, in the shortest possible time.

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